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Mission Statement

We at Harmedia Studios are highly motivated to DO LESS. Work smarter, not harder. To evangelize automation throughout organizations around the world, by identifying new forms of business efficiency, and driving change using better technology.

Our Products and Services

ServicePress Brand


Our first Certified ServiceNow application, we are launching as a dual integration, with both WordPress and WooCommerce (the WordPress owned eCommerce plugin). Our goal is to reduce the manual labor spent managing WordPress sites and the Inventory between them.

More Information

ServiceNow Partner


We are a Platform ServiceNow Build Partner developing Applications for the ServiceNow Store. We have 10 years of ServiceNow experience; We have covered almost every aspect of ServiceNow, including Integrations, Discovery, and Event Management.

ServiceNow - Harmedia Studios


We have 20 years of Integration experience. We have created, managed, and extended software from many types of languages. We are working on a number of new integrations between systems; Both Software and Hardware!

Products and Services coming Soon  - Harmedia Studios

Coming soon…

We have other products and services that will be coming out next, but we will be releasing the first few products and services. This list will grow as our offerings do.

Our Values

People First; Process Second; Automation Third.

Our goal is to improve your daily life, either through automation of tedious manual tasks or automate major aspects of your business. We value people’s time against repeating steps, and find ways to improve your efficiency.

People should be using their brain, not clicking buttons and data entry. We don’t want to automate people’s brains, just their tasks.

Contact Us

If you would like to get information on how we can improve your business processes, and automate your manual tasks